Dallas Doggy Daycare in Dallas

 Dallas Doggy Daycare close to Downtown and Deep Ellum

We Have the Perfect Place for your Dog Indoor and Outdoor Play areas

Located in Downtown, Dallas we provide doggy daycare services for fixed and unfixed dogs seven days a week. Why should you fix your dog if you don’t want to! Your dog will have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs through guided activities including but not limited to fetch, tug-of-war, laser games, and chase games. Your dog will always be under supervision by a member of our staff. We do accept aggressive breeds and dog who need extra attention due to separation anxiety. We integrate new dogs slowly into the group to ensure the comfort of your pet. 


We follow a daily schedule that makes sure your dog is getting the proper amount of exercise and socialization while having fun. The daily schedule consists of down time for your pet which allows them to rest with the lights out on their own individual cot with relaxing spa music. We also will provide your dog with pre-packaged owner provided meals and treats to fit their usual eating diet and schedule. We also reinforce potty training while your dog is with us during the day. Our team will contact you throughout the day to share your pets best moments at doggy daycare with you. You can start your reservation now on our website through our client portal