Grooming Service Prices

DFW Dawg Life, LLC is a family-owned and operated business venture built on our love for dogs. Our Logan Street headquarters offers the standard for K-9 personal services. We have indoor and outdoor playgrounds that dogs love!

Self-Serve Dog Wash (30 Minutes per dog)

    Large 5ft Professional Grooming Tub    $12.00

Shampoo & Conditioner

Scrubbing Gloves

Two Towels


Grooming Services

(Including Shampoo, Condition, Blow-Dry, Nail Trim, Anal Expression, and Ear Cleaning)



Basic Dawg Bath – Large Dog – $40.00

Basic Dawg Bath – Medium Dog – $35.00

Basic Dawg Bath – Small Dogs – $30.00

Grooming Pick-Up/Drop-Off – $15.00


*Add $15 for regular trim

*Add additional $5 for every extra 15 minutes of comb-out

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